Start Up

Starting a project with stamdevin is fairly simple: just contact us and tell us your needs and requirements. stamdevin software developers and business analysts will arrange a meeting to learn as much as possible about your business needs and requirements.

Information and Analysis

Customers are not needed to provide exact requirements at once, although a formally structured Request for Proposal speeds the things up considerably. Just speak out your thoughts and expectations and it is quite enough for us to start analysing your project in terms of information, questions and ideas.


We clearly describe the business requirements of the system so they are easy for you to study and evaluate. Based on your requirements, we prepare and propose an optimal solutions. Our proposals can vary from a simple estimation of work and cost of project, up to a detailed suggestion, regarding the architecture of the project, technologies analysis, design suggestions, total cost, etc. Initial estimation of the project is free and is usually developed within a couple of days.


To protect your private information or intellectual property, we can sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before you deliver us any project-related information.
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