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At stamdevin, we use a software development process that is documented and constantly improved. It is based on best practices and industry standards like Rational Unified Process and SSADM. This process enables us to successfully develop projects within budget and on time without compromising quality.

Key steps in a software development project:

Inception (5-10% of the project time)

The project starts and the initial requirements are collected.

Elaboration (20-30% of the project time)

Requirement analysis, creation of design and architecture of the system.

Construction (50-70% of the project time)

Coding, development, and testing.

Completion (about 10% of the project time)

Delivery to the customer and product installation.

These four stages are an integral part of any project. However, depending on the type of a project, its budget and customer requirements, a project may contain all or only some of the above-mentioned steps.
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